Thursday, 4 September 2008

Things do Change.

I recall when I was in China earlier this year, I had problems getting to the Blogger site. I could update my Blog, but not read it. I did find a way, but it was always a hassle to use a Proxy. On April 1st, Blogger and Wikipedia became available in China. In part it was because of the Olympic Games, but in any case it would have been part of the "opening up" of China.

I could access Wikipedia easily, but still could not get Blogger, although my friends in other parts of China could, so I wondered if it was just the system here at the College.

I am pleased to report, despite the difficulties I have had accessing the new internet system in the first few days, that now I can easily access Blogger, and anything else I wish to see. It is great news for me and other Bloggers.

(It makes it easier to post here now!)

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