Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chinglish? Maybe.............

I carry around little note books and put in thoughts, words, ideas, details etc. In my unpacking and setting up of my "new" apartment I found one of my little books, and flicking through the pages came across a list of "Chinglish" - I think these were found when we travelled around Shanghai, Suzhou and other parts several months ago.

Obviously they were on the menu at one or more restaurants.

"Spicey yellow croaker" - Peppered yellow frog?

"Vegetable kidney in XO sauce" - Kidney beans?

"Braised cuttlefish in formented bean curd sauce" - formented?

"Dried meat floss" - Good for your teeth?

"Fried chicken ball with asparagus" Do chickens have balls?

"Saute loin pork with chilli and been sauce" - a has been?

"Fried vegetable with Galic" - OK, a typo maybe.

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