Thursday, 4 September 2008

Elaborate Bacon

I've been setting up my kitchen - bit by bit - there's no door to door delivery, and it is a long walk with heavy items from the supermarket to the apartment door! Even a long walk from the taxi at the West Gate - so it is bit by bit - soon I will be stocked! Not that I really want much, but I have been designated "cook" with the apartment with an oven!

Audrey who was here before has returned to Canada - so "bequeathed" me all sorts of things, each day I discover more.

On my visit to TESCO I stocked up on a few things - including Elaborate Bacon. It is not the brand - it is the product. I think it is "elaborate" because it has more meat on it that the other variety I saw in the supermarket. OK, it works for me.

So today I cooked up an elaborate bacon and mushroom dish in the wok. With a dash of garlic leaves. It is funny as I had never seen these in Australia until a few weeks ago, and I was "hooked" as they say. They are like mini shallots, but just the leaves which I chop up and add to the dish. Just as tasty in China as it was in Australia, I can assure all.

Yum. My elaborate bacon recipe - it worked well. A wonderful taste in my mouth.

I will try and take note of more "Chinglish" words here. They are everywhere really, and some so much fun.

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