Sunday, 21 September 2008

Day Trip to Wuzhen and Haining (3)

It was a short bus journey to Haining, which is known for its leather goods. We seem to be taken to only one place - a huge mall with all leather goods. I had decided that I did not need to buy anything, but in the end bought another back pack. It was quite cheap.

The place is amazing though. So many shops selling leather goods. The main centre is huge, and with leather bags, luggage on the first floor (ground if you are an Aussie.) and the next floor up trades jackets, dresses, pants etc - all in leather. Up the next floor again is more upmarket (and more expensive of course.

It is a shopaholic's paradise. So much to choose from and the "joy" of haggling adds to the excitement.

Outside of this building are more buildings - one of which was the "Shoe Plaza" - with a huge array of men and women's shoes. We wandered around there, but I did not see anything that would fit me. Chinese feet are smaller than mine, and they do focus on the Chinese market there.

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peter said...

We have a street in Wellington called,Haining. It was a site of Chinese markets and clashes with Chinese and Europeans in the 19th century. Very interesting,Di.