Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Chinese Pizza

Sell photos on photrade By Elly

Sell photos on photrade By Elly

I am not sure what the folk who invented Pizza's would think (as it the Italians?) but here in the college canteen there is a pizza available. I ordered one yesterday and have to say it was very tasty.

What especially amused me is that it came with (a) a pair of chopsticks - the little bamboo disposable chopsticks that seem to appear with any take-away Chinese meal and (b) a pair of plastic gloves - which I assume was to keep the pizza from dirtying my hands. In any case I used neither.

When I got back to my apartment it was cold, so I popped it in my oven to heat it and sat down with a knife and fork, but really ate it with my fingers when it cooled down. Plastic gloves to eat a pizza? I think not.

1 comment:

timsdd said...

That looks quite tasty, especially for a cafeteria born meal!!

Chopsticks huh? No patience for me I'm afraid...FORKS! all the way!!