Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The FT's Beer Garden

It looks like a fancy beer garden, and it is the venue for late afternoon drinks and snacks for the foreign teachers here. At least the English speaking teachers - it is adjacent to the building where the Japanese and Korean teachers live, but we've never seen them there. Perhaps because the furniture is "owned" by the English speakers. The chairs are worse for wear and the timber chair in the picture has died since I tool the photo.
The cement pad is over the sewer so some days the "fragrance" is not all that good, but we have little other space to meet. There is no organisation about our "beer garden" - someone will just say, "Is it beer o'clock at 4.30 pm today?" and so it starts.
We manage to bring packets of chips and other snacks, a bottle of beer or two, and soft drink for those who don't enjoy the beer. Wine sometimes. Rarely.
The mozzies are bad, because it is beside the canal, and when the sun goes down the mozzies come out in droves and seem to ignore the mozzie coils that we have going. Sometimes we will have a candle or torch to light up. On really hot days it is often quite a pleasant place as there will be a fresh breeze along the canal.
In any case - this is the only space we have for social events, and despite the drawbacks, it is the scene of a lot of laughter.

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