Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Pizza with chopsticks

The canteens at the college serve Asian food - mostly Chinese of course, but some Korean. One new consession this semester is trying pizza's. Quite a challenge really as the 10,000 or so students and teachers are pretty keen on traditional Chinese fare, and only a few venture to the pizza place.
As well the pizza's are more than double the price of other meals, but good value for two or three students. The other drawback is the time it takes to prepare and cook the pizza. It is all freshly made. The base is rolled out, the topping added and put into an oven - 10 - 15 minutes wait, when most of the Chinese dishes take only a couple of minutes.
I decided to "take away" my pizza - in part because there is more than I can eat in one sitting, and I wanted to take the photos.
When one gets a pizza here, we also get two plastic gloves to eat the pizza with, and chopsticks too.
Actually it is a very tasty dish, but sadly the locals are not as enthusiastic about this Italian fare.

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