Monday, 13 October 2008

A ride on the wild side.

Yesterday I did some lesson planning work in the morning and in the afternoon went for a bicycle ride along towards a golf course not far from the university. Even on a Sunday the roads are chaotic here, but there is a road parallel to the main road way which is safer for motor cycles and cyclists to use and it was that route that I took.

The buses in particular have loud horns and more than once I nearly lost my balance as a speeding bus tooted to let a car or cyclist know that it was passing. So loud!

On the side of the road there was a woman killing a chicken - poor think was tied by the feet and hanging upside down from a tree as she killed it with a knife. I kept riding.

Some of the gardens are wonderful along this route - even little lakes and canals surrounded by beautiful gardens. I turned up Yang Ming Lu (Road) following the route to the golf course, but did not get close to it really, though it looked fabulous. As with all housing, golf and other estates there are guards at the gate. I did pass what I now believe to be the police academy - which was a huge building surrounded by gardens and the parade ground. Looked pretty fancy really!

Across the road from the academy was an amazing building that seems to be unfinished for quite a while. It was quite a handsome building but something must have happened to stall the progress. Weeds grow up around it, and it looks rather strange. Just so exotic.

I discovered a young lady trying to ride a bicycle while she carried her baby. The baby was around 8 or 9 months old I think, certainly sitting up by itself and made it quite impossible to ride. She carried the baby in one arm, while trying to steer the bike with the other and going up hill found it impossible.

The area was beside a mountain, and the rocks, lakes and shrubbery made a pretty picture. I peeped through a huge brick wall and saw a flock of ducks enjoying a swim in a lake. Having their last swim before they become someone's dinner?

It has been threatening to rain for several days, but as yet not a spot of rain, however, it was getting late in the day, and the sky was getting darker so I pedalled bck to the campus.

Being a blonde around here is quite funny - people nearly lose balance on their cycles as they gawk at me as I ride by.

A great ride though - I was gone from the campus for over and hour and was quite worn out when I returned. Made for a good sleep though.

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