Friday, 31 October 2008

The Service in Banks

One thing that is really amazing is the wonderful service in the banks that I have been into. It is amusing that in the university early in the semester they changed their computer system and it is unable to take our "long names" so on payday we collect our full months' salary in cash. An envelope with a wad of notes in it.

So we have to go to China Merchant Bank to deposit it in our account or run around with a lot of cash on us, and miss any bank interest.

There is a good China Merchant Bank branch near the city square so it is not a big inconvenience to do it. Though we are annoyed by it.

There is always a guard on duty at the front of the bank, and when one goes inside a service attendant is quickly by your side. They send the English speakers to us - and we are asked if they can help.

"I wish to deposit cash." will result in being ushered to the window of the teller, and usually one that there is no queue on. So very quickly you can complete your business. If we need to exchange some currency we are best going to the China Bank and this too has an identical system where the customer is treated with great respect.

Often as you enter or leave the bank, the "concierge" in full uniform and white gloves will open the door for you.

We have found the banks much better serviced than the banks at home.

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