Sunday, 19 October 2008

More on Longmen

Righteous Gate

Strange equipment.

Building in ruins

More ruins

The photo at the top is of the Righteous Gate. Beside the gate is the explanation, which I have written.

"During the governing years of Emporer Jiejing in Ming Dynasty Longman area once suffered against severe long drought against which a righteious man named Sun Chao spent all his wealth givng relief to the local hungry people. and even handing in all public grain tax for whole village. In order to praise Sun Chao for his rightous deeds, the local feudal government built an arch way with two words "Righteous Gate" on it personally written by Xi Pu, the county magistrate. The virture RIGHTEOUS brightly reflected in Sun Chao's has been passed down in Sun family for thousands of years."

The second photo shows a very old strange piece of farm equipment - and I have no idea what it is used for. In the background in the building you can see grapes laid out on the ground for drying. We were told that they would be making wine out of it.

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