Saturday, 28 March 2009


Crayboats in Dongara Marina

Looking down the coast from Dongara

The mouth of the Irwin River

What a pretty place! Build around the Irwin River that right now does not escape to the sea as sand has built up at the mouth, and until rains come and push the sand away from the opening, the river is trapped behind the sand dunes.

There are wonderful pathways and boardwalks and great walking tracks around the sand dunes, the river and the beach - to get a good view of the spectacular scenery.

The Irwin River

There is a marina where the cray boats come in to offload their catches, and where the locals put their boats in to head out to fish the waters of the Indian Ocean. There are a lot of houses being constructed and around the area there are huge and expensive houses, many with great views seaward. On the first morning my friend and I went for a very long walk to see some of the local sights. The sky was clear, the sea was spectacular and we walked and talked for several hours before returning to her house.

That night we had a great meal - of crayfish. Beautiful white fresh crayfish - a meal to remember.

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