Monday, 9 March 2009


I'm not sure if it will happen but I have been asked to consider a short position in Korea starting early in April. MM seems to think it will be OK, but a few hurdles to overcome - some documentation and the fact that I have plans to go to Perth and return via Adelaide, around the same time.

It will be teaching TESOL - interesting, but I know very little about it.

It will be for about 10 weeks, so not terribly long and it does have some appeal. I will have to make up my mind in the next 24 hours or so, so I guess I will know in the next day or so.


ESL Daily said...

Korea is generally an easy country to teach. The visa work can be difficult, however because you are only teaching for a short time, the visa work may not be as difficult.

Just a question to clarify:

are you 'teaching TESOL'? that is teaching 'Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages' (teaching teachers how to teach).

or will you be teaching summer camp?

Di Hill said...

The plan is to teach other teachers as I understand it. Should be interesting. Thanks for your comment.

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Should be interesting, but a little different for you, Di.