Sunday, 8 March 2009

Moving forward

Things are settling down for me a little. MM is getting better and able to do more things for himself, which frees me up to do some more of my things.

We went to Ikea and bought some more things - another bookshelf was one. How did I really think I could reduce the number of books easily. Actually I have piles of books to be given away or sold on the garage sale, and I've discarded all the magazines that I have kept for eons. But there are still so many books I cannot part with. I'm surprised how many books about writing that I have too. Anyway, the new bookshelf is erected and ready to fill, but I just have to move a cupboard to fit it in.

We had two items delivered by Ikea, and I must say I was impressed. We bought them on Thursday and they were to be delivered on Saturday. We were told that they would be delivered between 6 am and 1 pm, so were wondering if we would have to "hang around" all day. On the Friday night there was a text message saying the delivery would be between 6 am and 9 am, and at 5.45 am, the mobile went off - the delivery would be at 6.15 am. Half an hour away!

And it duly arrived. What amazing service! Congratulations Ikea and Kings (the delivery people)!

Maybe today we will put together the big wall unit and television stand. It is a big thing, so will probably take a few hours. The bookshelf took less than 45 minutes to make. I've getting very good at this!

I have a short house sit to do, and I will look forward to some long hours on my own to write. I've collected much of my work on the old computer and have started editing and planning to send some short stories for competition. I've resurrected some half finished tomes and will work on these as well over the next few weeks and months. I must get them finished.

As well I am working on my book about nurses. It was just an idea, but I am now setting out to do something about it. I was inspired after meeting with a friend and talking about our nursing days, as she knew I had previously mentioned that I had wanted to do something on the topic. Immediately I set to work, and I'm rather thrilled with my progress.

It will be a collection of stories about Australian nurses and nursing. If any Aussie nurse is reading this and wants to know more, leave a comment. I'm interested in interviewing anyone who trained as a nurse or worked as a nurse. I am in particular keen to get stories about nursing in the 1950's and 1960's, though even current nurses are of interest. Just let me know.

I have had messages from students in China and I'm still keen to go back. I wrote to the collect to say "don't forget me for 2010 and the reply was that I am on top of the list!" Whoohoo!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Get to it Di. I know its hard to get rid of books and magazines you may have had for eons, but it has to be done.

Get onto your Nurses project; you have a China one coming too!