Saturday, 14 March 2009

Korea on the agenda again.

I did get a message re the Korea job - so on Monday armed with my CV I'm off to Springfield to meet with the recruiter and find out more. As I've written I'm currently indifferent. It is quite appealing, though I need more information to make a decision, and the dates don't suit me, but it is an amazing opportunity.

I've had messages from students in China this week - quite a few in fact, and I think I've managed to reply to them all. Sometimes they come thick and fast and it takes time to create the reply.

I do miss it all - there's something about China. As challenging as it is I can't get out of my head the wonderful people and the amazing history that I wandered through almost on a daily basis. I have plans for when I go back. I know what I am going to take, what I am going to buy, and where I am going to go next time, so I feel far more enthusiastic and confident than I did.

I remember just twelve months ago, I was struggling to keep my head above it all. So much to learn, so many things happening and all too much in the end. I did struggle and I admit it. It was much easier the second semester, and I am sure will be much easier the next time too.

I wonder if I will struggle in Korea. Though I'm more accustomed to the differences in culture now - even though it is quite a different culture to China in many ways. I'd love to see it.

Oh, well, maybe by Monday night I will have some idea of what lies ahead for me.

Meanwhile - back to my writing.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Whatever you decide to do or go to, I'm sure you will give it your best shot, Di!