Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Call from China

I'm worn out - too much Wii I think, but I am enjoying it. Initially I only had one handpiece, but now have two, and another DVD with more games, and the Wii Fit, but not the opportunity to try it all as yet. I have enjoyed the "bowling" and have managed to improve my performance. Still a long way to go to match the talents of the 5 year old grandson!!!

I've had a few emails from students in China, as it is school holidays so many are at home and not sure what to do.

At the same time I have had a call from someone I have only met briefly who was seeking information about cancer treatment for her sister. She was a nurse when my husband was in hospital last year, and she was thinking of going to China to teach, but in the meantime, her sister is diagnosed with cancer. The lady has five children and not a good family life. In any case, the nurse has become her sister's career.

I contacted a doctor friend in China, who is a very caring person. I thought he'd email me the information, but he phoned me.

It was quite a shock. I said, "Where are you calling from?" thinking that he must be in Australia.

His reply shocked me. "I'm in Shaoxing."

I was in a car out the front of our house, as I'd just come home with a friend, so told him to hang up, and I would call him on Skype. Which I did.

We had quite a chat.

What a thrill.

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