Sunday, 7 February 2010

Just over two weeks to go

My departure time is fast approaching - and I'm now collecting things to take. Yesterday I bought a small can of curry powder (I couldn't find what I wanted in China), a tube of Vegemite (I'm not a GREAT fan, but it can be useful) and some jelly crystals. I like to make my own jelly.

I'm also looking around for gifts to take - so hard as everything is expensive or made in China. I am looking a coasters with aboriginal designs. Not heavy, pretty useful, and perfectly Australian.

I've decided to go to Adelaide for two days - still have not told my parents I am going to China, but I'd like to see them. One never knows when it will be the last time to see them. I'm renting a car this time as I only have two days and I have a few friends to see, and I've worked out it would be cheaper and easier, especially as I want to see Jenny, a nursing colleague from way back whose health is deteriorating markedly.

I've got two weeks left to work at Carrick - and the program is getting harder for the students. And I'm working hard to make their experiences positive. I've bought some red paper and I'm going to decorate the class and our first floor with red hearts. If I can find some symbol for Chinese New Year/Spring Festival, I will too.

I've had emails from students and teachers from Yuexui - looking forward to seeing me and on Friday four ex-Yuexiu teachers had lunch together at South Bank. None of them are going back to teach this semester, in fact, I don't think will ever go back, although one is going to stay with me for a few days.

This week I have three mornings to work at Carrick, lunch on two of those days, my husband's birthday on Tuesday, and I have engagements on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and will fly to Adelaide on Friday morning, and back via Melbourne on Sunday.

Hopefully I pick up my Chinese visa and my passport on Thursday from the Chinese consulate in the city centre.


Then I have just over a week to do a hell of a lot of things........................

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Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

And the adventure will begin again. I suspect it will have a slightly different feeling this time, Elly.