Saturday, 1 November 2008

Quiet weekend

This weekend I don't plan to do anything. Well, I may go to Tesco supermarket in the morning as I have found that I need a few things. We have often walked there, and I could ride my bicycle there, but if I am bringing a few things home, I'm not all that happy riding amongst the Chinese traffic with a load of things. The taxi is quite cheap and as it is wet and miserable I will catch a cab both ways. I can tell the cabbie where I need to go in Chinese, so that's OK. Some of them do speak English, but not all.

I do think I have a party to go to with students - am waiting to hear the details but it will be in the new Green Cafe here at the college. Start at 6 or 6.30 pm and all over by 8.30 pm. Chinese parties are different!

Maybe we can go to the Cocktail Bar after the party!

It has turned quite cool too, and this weekend I have put my washing in the bedroom to dry with the air conditioner on warm. It is so damp and no breeze so hanging it outside will be a fruitless excerise.

I have also been back to my Chinese dressmaker. Jing is very good. Not a lot of English spoken, but we manage. I have had a black dress made which fits well, and I am happy with it. She is currently making some denim trousers for me, and altering a skirt to cope with my reduced waistline. I have a couple of other things for her to make for me this winter. I do not really have enough winter clothes so keen to add to my "wardrobe" and getting things made is the only way for me here.

Last night a group of us went to the Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant for a meal and dancing. Great night out but as usual the Chinese events finish early - we left the restaurant by 8.45 pm and were home by 9.30 pm. Early to bed again.

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