Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Countdown has begun

This time next week I should already be in Shaoxing, at Yuexiu University. So it really is a countdown. I finished at Carrick today - and with a party!!! Very much a surprise - as I returned to the staff room and found a lovely blue table cloth, coffee pot, white cups and saucers and the other teachers had brought in food. Cheese, biscuits, cake, etc. Quite a spread really. I was surprised and thrilled. Some gifts too - quite a shock!!

I've enjoyed my months at Carrick, though I confess to being a little pleased that I don't have to get up at 5 am to catch the train just after 6 am to get there in time to be ready for class.

And I've been shocked this week as there have been 18 students in class - somehow I like to smaller classes we had. But I guess that will prepare me for the next teaching at Yuexiu where there will be larger classes again. I've heard I will be teaching in the high school - not the university this time, so another challenge.

I've made appointments to get my booster injections tomorrow, and the dentist to get the cap on my tooth fixed up - a piece fell off and it has been rough, so it will be nice to get that done.

I've got my visa, I've got my documents, have got my tickets, have just an awful lot to do to get ready. I've not got a lot on, thank goodness, just washing, packing etc.

Oh, and I have a small computer problem that I hope my favourite son in law can fix for me before I go.

So the countdown is on..............

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Shall follow your journey here.