Sunday, 21 February 2010

What to pack????

I have been watching the temperatures in Shaoxing, and know it will be cold when I go - just as it was two years ago when I set out on my first adventure to China. This time I am well prepared for the cold and will be carrying my heavy wool lined coat. It's heavy - but necessary.

I'm not taking much course material with me this time - I've got so much loaded on my computer and I'm more experienced now. Also I know where to buy things in Shaoxing. Easy. (I hope)

I will need summer clothes as well, as spring starts next week and it will soon be quite warm. I will ship my winter gear back to Australia when I am finished with it.

I'm putting together a plastic bag of my cables - so many for cameras, and other electronic devices and I am still missing one - one that I have not used since I returned from China. My Iphone which I use in China - has one cable that I cannot find - it must be here somewhere. I cannot even buy a replacement cable here, and I know I will have to go to a specific shop in Shanghai to get another one.

I've got my medication - not a lot - but enough for 4 months away. I wish I'd bought the Kindle, but that will have to wait now.

I've been working out how to manage my backpack, laptop and coat - so much stuff to carry around though only in the airports will I have to bother really.

I've just got a couple of things on my shopping list. Little things - no big deal. I have a box near my bed that I throw things into - will drag the suitcase out tomorrow probably.

Two more sleeps........................

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