Saturday, 20 February 2010

More things.............

I am still tired and it is no wonder. I've been so busy. Today I went to a new writers group - Women on Oxford at Bulimba. One of the members is someone that was part of the Writers group here at Wynnum when we first set it up about 10 years ago. She moved but is now active in the WOO group.

I'm a bit disappointed with the Wynnum group and haven't been able to attend their meetings anyway as I have been working.

WOO is a small group and we had quite a chat, and I had to leave early as we are baby sitting the two grandchildren from the Gold Coast and I will attend a TESOL College event this afternoon. As well I've been packing things to go to China - sorting out cables, suitcase etc.

It is still cold in Shaoxing - I think it has gone up to 9 degrees today!!! Brrrr. So I have quite a few winter clothes to take, and very little summer things as I will buy over there.

Still so much to do.............................

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