Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Classroom

I am fortunate in that I have only one class room to attend. It is pretty basic with blackboard and chalk, but I discovered that I have a data projector etc in my class room which will be great.

Today I had someone come to show me how to connect to their system. I'm sure he didn't speak English and he didn't understand what I wanted. I have found out some of the information I wanted, but not all. It took three men in the end, and not one word to me - so much for my instruction on using it.

The desks are timber, and no doubt very uncofortable. Not easy to sleep in I guess. The room has good curtains, so using the a/v should be good.

Unfortunately they fiddled with my laptop and I have to fix things up a little. Oh, well.

The students are all very helpful - so should be interesting times.

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