Sunday, 3 February 2008

The weather in China

I've got to say it is a little concerning - but at this point I am hopeful that the awful weather in China will be over by the time I arrive.

Snow and blizzards have caused much damage and inconvenience and many places do not have power. Shanghai has switched off a lot of it's night lighting to help preserve the power as there is a shortage and many people are suffering dreadfully from the cold. As well there will be food shortage as many rural areas have been decimated by the snow and storms. Oh, well, I'm going to try and lose more weight - maybe I'll lose more than I bargained. Food parcels from home? Could be interesting.

I've found a good site for news from China - which reminds me I will try to keep with news at home by visiting the Courier Mail while I am away. I remember when I visited Dr John Herron in Dublin, he was well informed, thanks t his visiting the Courier Mail website.

Meanwhile I keep my eye on the weather and other news from China, as I continue my preparation.

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