Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Getting adventurous with meals

We go to one main canteen - partly because now two of the commissions have English menu, and we are getting a little bit more confidant. The staff know us as the English teachers (foreigners), and try to help us.

We can now go to the other commissions and watch what the students are getting and then follow their actions. Last night I had a wonderful noodle soup, with vegetables and a few things that were unidentifiable. Very tasty and very filling.

There is no dessert, and the only drinks served are soft drink, and milk drinks.

Meals cost very little in the canteen - and as we are given credit to use in the canteens we choose to do so mainly. I have had one meal in the city, and I've made some noodle meal (simply add boiling water!) in my apartment.

We have breakfast in our apartment - cornflakes, coffee, fruit, yogurt, and usually have one or two other meals in the canteen. All the foreign teachers meet there and sit together.

Maybe one day we will venture into one of the other three canteens on campus. But we've much more to try out in the one we already go to.

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