Thursday, 7 February 2008

Things are moving.

I have a copy of the contract and have filled in the application for the visa. And I have more information, so I'm feeling a little more relaxed about it all. It is two weeks today before I leave.

There will be others going - so that is good and I shall meet them next week I hope. I haven't checked the weather in China, but suspect that things are settling down as everyone celebrates the Chinese New Year - the year of the rat.

One very funny thing has happened - the folk looked at my passport and at me and decided that I might have trouble getting into China as I don't look quite like the photo in the passport. My hair is a little blonder, but it is the shape of my face. The 7 - 8 kilos that have gone since Christmas have given me a new look! I'm pleased.

I think though that so few people really look like their passport photos - especially as you must not be smiling in your passport photo. And I so hate having my photo taken.

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