Friday, 29 February 2008

More canals

There are canals everywhere. Just behind and beside our apartment are more canals. One is quite fascinating as there is some interesting activities there.

Some days I see fishermen - they have a fish trap in the canal. I've get to see them catch any fish, but I have difficulty seeing what is going on. They quietly ply the water in their little boats - I'm not sure what they are called, but they look a little like "sampans". They are very steady in the boats and stand up without wobbling the little boats.

Against the wall is a vegetable garden and every now and then a lady comes along in her little boat, picks some vegetables and puts them in a bag. She throws something that looks like white powder (nutrient of some sort I suspect) and then using the paddle/oar sweeps water from the canal onto the plants.

I am told that every now and then this canal is emptied - and her garden is dismantled (it must be illegal?) but after cleaning out the canal she returns and builds her garden against the wall of the canal and starts all over again.
In this photo you can see two fishermen in their boats, and up against the far wall, the vegetable patch (it is one of two along the wall).
(this photo was taken from the kitchen window of my apartment)

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