Thursday, 14 February 2008

Teaching Tools

I have my books from Teach International, and some other material that I have gathered from the Internet and other sources, but I don't need to be too clever. I'm told my only "tools" will be a big blackboard and a box of chalk. Now if only I had one of those tiny data projectors I might just take it, but I haven't and am resigned to having to use what is there.

The computer that is provided in the Teaching quarters is of more use to Chinese speakers and readers apparently - I shall be interested to see how it works, but I'm not concerned as I shall do as others do and connect my laptop and find my way around the internet in English.

Despite the assurances in some material that there is supervision of teachers, and support, the reality might be a little different. The size of the classes seems to have grown too - much bigger than I have originally been told, but discipline is not a problem in the class, so that is nice to know. All a bit daunting though.

No printer is provided with the teachers' computer, and it is almost impossible to get any printing or photocopying done - so I think I will be using the scant paper available, and my coloured pens. Oh, my. What a challenge.

One of the teachers that I met last night who is going next week, never learned any Chinese - other than shie-shie, he said. (shie-shie or shay shay is thank you)

I already have two or three words that I might just remember at the right time. We will see.

(I'm pleased to learn that the Chinese students like going shopping with their English teacher - so that sounds like a good idea)

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