Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Still no paperwork

I am just a little concerned - it is just over 2 weeks before I'm due to leave Australia for China and still have not seen any paperwork - other than the registration form that I sent back several weeks ago. I phoned the college and have made arrangements to go tomorrow (Thursday) and see the contract and the other material.

It's funny - I have complete trust in them - more because I have been in contact with others who have been very satisfied with their relationship with the College here in Australia and in China. But I do think it is a bit weird that there has not been more information "on paper".

There are many warnings about going overseas to work, and not all overseas English teaching positions are "safe". Only recently a big "franchise" went broke and stranded a number of teachers in Japan. One needs to have some funds to be able to survive when one does not get paid, or to pay for a return to Australia if necessary.

I will be glad when I have resolved things on Thursday! It's funny - when I rang, I was assured that there was indeed a ticket for me for Singapore Airlines on 21/2/08 - at least to Singapore. But I've not got it - and I've not seen it. And I've not seen any documentation that my Visa is ready. Scary?

In any case I proceed as if all is well.

I went to the Library yesterday and on the Catalogue I found some books on living and working in China. They did not have any copies at my local library so I went to Carindale and found them. One is "Living and working in China. The complete practical guide to living as an expatriate in the People's Republic" by Andrew Williamson.

I was very impressed with the book and have read much of it already. It is certainly a comprehensive guide to anyone who is thinking of living and working in China, though was printed in 2005, so I guess some things aren't quite up to date.

The book would be great for anyone who is living independently in the country especially as so many western countries are doing business with the Chinese and are sending people to live and work, or to negotiate. As I will not be renting/buying accomodation, hiring and firing staff (domestic or corporate), keeping dogs, driving (I can't imagine trying that - I couldn't read the road signs anyway!) much of it did not pertain to me, but I read it anyway.

With all the research I have done (in books, on-line and in person) I'm sure there is a lot more information that could be helpful to me - but I'm going to learn as I go. And fingers crossed, I hope I don't get into any trouble.

At my writers group yesterday I met a Chinese lady who attended for the first time, and I hope to meet with her next week for a few quick lessons in Chinese. I need to know more than one word!

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