Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Two more sleeps..................

my grandchildren would say. Yes, it is getting close now, and some things are not going well. There's been a holdup with the Visa - apparently the Chinese Embassy has changed some of their "rules" as they are being inundated with people planning to go to Beijing for the Olympics later in the day.

I've been assured that all is well - but on the day I leave I will be picking up the visa from the Embassy. I don't like cutting things fine.

I had my injection today - to protect me against a few things including typhoid. My arm is hurting bit now.

I have done all my washing and my suitcase is partly packed. Still a few things to go - but all up I think I'm ready.

I also purchased my Travel Insurance - through
World Nomads. I was insured with them for the Irish trip in 2005 - and found them easy to deal with but I did not have a claim then, and I hope not to have one now. They are less expensive than other insurance companies, and I'm happy to be with them. They also let their clients have a journal on their site. I did use it a bit last time, but probably won't this time. But I have downloaded their Mandarin lessons.

I still have a list of things to do though and a busy morning tomorrow.

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