Thursday, 14 August 2008

Accommodation in Shanghai

There are many hotels and holiday apartments to choose from in Shanghai - but as it is huge city, if you are planning to visit, you need to determine the location of where you want to stay. MM initially booked us into a hotel (it was good price) but it was near one of the airports - quite a distance from the centre of Shanghai. On reflection we were concerned about the cost of frequent taxi rides to get to the places we wanted to.

So we studied the maps again. Cost was an issue - our budget was mid range - and as we were staying for over a week, we wanted something of reasonable price.

In the end we booked in at New Harbour Service Apartments, 88 Yongshou Road, Shanghai. It was possible to walk from our accomodation to Nanjing Road. It was a good walk and we did it once, but as MM had knee problems we chose to taxi most of the time. (There is lots of roadworks which made the taxi rides longer and more expensive but it really was very economical).

On the days we booked tours our tour bus picked us up and returned us, so there was no problem there.

It was a stroke of genius (???) that we booked accomoation that featured Gerbera flowers - as we had been Gerbera growers. There were Gerberas in the foyer, in the restaurant, and on the menu, brochures etc.

Our apartment was great. We had two bedrooms - one we used for our luggage only, and the rest of the apartment was well appointed. I've actually mentioned this earlier.

The point of this post is to encourage would be travellers to look at a map (so easy now with Google) and just see where the accomodation is. I know it is not easy if you do not know the city - and I guess you can be prepared to move if it is not suitable.

The New Harbour Service Apartments was well appointed and I'd recommend it. The restaurant was good for breakfast - but probably not the best if you wanted a good evening meal. The food was good, and well priced - but they seemed to not have all that was on the menu.

They had a good Gym (which I of course avoided) but a wonderful heated indoor swimming pool.

We found the staff very helpful - and highly rate the service of the doorman. Always a taxi was found for us very quickly.

As an added bonus, there was a small supermarket opposite the Apartments - just a walk across the road - so we were able to buy snacks, beer and wine at supermarket prices, which was a bonus. We did not use the kitchen at all!

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