Monday, 11 August 2008

Zhouzhuang Water Village

One of the famous bridges

In the "gondola"


The narrow canal

Old buildings - showing their age.

Not far from Suzhou is Zhouzhuang - a very old water village. This was also part of our tour on this day to Suzhou, and the silk factory.

What a wonderful place - I do hope you enjoy the photographs. We walked along the pathway with the canals on one side and shops on the left hand side. There was so much to see and it was just so fascinating. I wish I could remember everything that was explained by our tour guide.

It certainly was an old town - which was easy to see from the buildings. On the canals were small boats, each with an enthusiastic boatman or boatwoman. We were treated to a tour of the town in one of these boats and we were told that if we handed our boatman/woman some money they would sing for us. It was rather fun.

So many tourists did so, so it was quite a musical event. The boats took us for a short tour around the village, which was most interesting and picturesque.

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