Thursday, 21 August 2008

Is this the Millionaires' Club?

The Golden Landmark Hotel is an old hotel - would have been quite grand in its day. We found it more than adequate for our stay there, but next time perhaps will stay on Sentosa Island

Across the road from the Golden Landmark was Raffles Hospital, and across the road fromt the hospital was a strange imposing building, which we could see from our hotel window.

The building had no major advertising signs, in fact it was difficult to find the name of the building. It did look as if it was straight out of Gothic City and one could imagine Superman flying around. At the top of the building were amazing larger than life statures of men, holding what would probably be a pearl. A ball at least.

After looking at this building for a few days we decided to have a closer look. It didn't have a massive retail section, and there were steps up to the beautiful garden entrance to the building. We continued and went in through some double doors - wondering if it was a hotel, or office block. What is it?

Even now we are still not too sure, but suspect there are function rooms, meeting rooms etc along with offices. On the ground floor is a most amazing bar. We entered timidly at first, until one of the staff members welcomed us warmly. What opulence we found! It was amazing. None of our photos do justice to the scene that was before us.

We felt "underdressed" in our jeans and sneakers, and vowed to return, especially as we were told that on some evening there was live music. So we returned a few days later, dressed a bit more befitting the venue and the occasion.

Everything in the club was amazing. Over the top. Dramatic and beautiful flower arrangements. Luxury furniture. At one end of the huge room was a refrigerated wine storage that went high up to the ceiling. How does one get the bottles from the top rack? Or any of the other racks? A fairy goes up on a trapeze! No kidding.
One of the staff - dressed as a fairy complete with wings worked behind the bar, and also in the coffee lounge/cafe at the other end of the seating area.
Above this coffee lounge was a huge stage area - and it was here that the band played and the sultry singer entertained the clients. The whole place was decorated in a most opulent manner - the walls and ceilings all sported wonderul decorations - art work, gilt edges. It was hard to take in. Hard to take photos that would do justice to it.
On the floor above were restaurants - each overlooking the bar below.
We had a few drinks - and enjoyed it. Amazing. (Later when we were back in Australia we told some friends about this place, and it appears that the daughter of one had been to the Millionaires Club and was able to tell us a bit more about it. Apparently organisations treat their staff to conferences here. )

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