Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sentosa Island

Chili Crab

One of the resorts on Sentosa

Swaying Palm trees on Sentosa

The air train

Sentosa Island is wonderful - but I did not enjoy my first trip there many years ago, after overindulging in champagne the night prior to my visit!

But my, how it has changed!!! On this occasion we went over via the airtrain from Harbourtown, the huge shopping complex that has grown up on land that was being reclaimed when we were there before. As well there is massive construction underway on the Island, so that perhaps next time I visit, it will have another huge shopping complex and hotel on the island.

It may be a year before the massive complex will be finshed - but it will be huge. I digress.

The air train takes one over to the island to the terminal on the far side. The journey is spectacular - apart from seeing the massive construction site, there are beautiful gardens, and parks, and hotels on the island.

The terminal is where buses, mini trains etc pull in, and here are several cafe's and shops in the vicinity too. The best idea is to get onto one of the mini trains and enjoy a tour of the island with commentary. There are two mini trains here, and they slowly wend their way around parts of the island.

There are huge hotel and resort accomodation buildings, restaurants, shops, sporting activities, gardens, etc. It was school holidays for the Singaporeans so many young people from Singapore and Vietnam were enjoying special activities and games.

The beaches with swaying palm trees looked fantastic, and you could imagine being on some other tropic island well away from civilisation - not on a man made beach a short distance from the commercial hub of Singapore!

We enjoyedtwo tours on the mini train, and quite a bit of walking. We also found a group of restaurants overlooking the beach and enjoyed a wonderful meal there. Chili Crab - one of Singapore's delicacies was enjoyed there!

I made a decision - next time I stay in Singapore, it will be at one of the resorts on the island. The MRT goes to Harbourtown, and the Sentosa train travels from Harbourtown to Sentosa, so should be easy to get around from Sentosa now. I don't recall it was as easy to access previously.


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