Saturday, 30 August 2008

Shopping in Singapore

I can remember my last trip when I wandered around the shopping complexes in awe. I had not seen anything like it before. Australia was a little less sophisticated then. Perhaps I am a bit more worldly now, so was not taken aback so much, even though the complexes seem to be larger, and more salubrious than before.

Everything old is new again. There continues to be more building of huge shopping malls, and redevlopment but the place is amazing. Buzzing with activity and plenty to see and do, and plenty of opportunities to part with your money.

People, shops, people shops - so much colour so much activity. There were buskers in the streets, traffic hurtling by, tourists, locals - the whole world seemed to be there.

Along the streets are fashionable cafe's and retaurants, queues for taxi's, jets flying overhead. A real exciting buzz. Could I spend more time there. You bet. Wish I was a millionaire though!!!

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