Thursday, 17 January 2008

All found and ready to go...............

I've found my passport - it was easy to find when I looked - and I'm waiting for one more reference, but my documentation is all set to go.

I made contact with the college yesterday and it appears I have a little longer before I need to go, which is great. Still - I have a lot to do.

Research, research, research. I have found out that the flight from Brisbane to Singapore is about 8 hours, and there is sometimes a wait at Changi Airport, (so I may have time to go on a tour, or just spend the time in and around the Changi Shops, and later the flight from Changi to Shanghai is 5 hours and 10 minutes. I think there is a 2 hour drive from Shanghai, and someone will be there to meet me. (I hope!)

I have spoken with a lady who has recently returned from the same College and she has been very informative about the school. She is a senior lady, who went alone, and she had no experience travelling outside of Australia before her jaunt to China.

There are a few more questions that I'd like to ask her, so maybe tonight I will contact her again.

In the meantime I am awaiting the offer from the College - and my research on China etc continues.

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