Saturday, 19 January 2008

I'm 'switching off' for a few days

I'm taking the two eldest grandchildren to Adelaide - a good time to tell my parents and my sister that I am going to China to work for a while. I'm not sure of what reaction I will get. My parents are familiar with my cousins spending a lot of time overseas, but not their older daughter. They probably don't think I would do anything like that.

My sister is alone - and would like to travel, so I may be able to talk her into visiting China while I am there, though she may be a bit daunted by travelling alone.

I continue to research living/working in China and have found some good websites and blogsites and have submitted this blog URL to a China Blog List - so maybe some more visitors here.

It will be about four weeks before I go now, I think. I have not received the documents promised last week - but as I will be away for a few days I will cross it off my list of concerns right now.

I'll be back on Friday so hopefully there will be some more information waiting for me.


Jeff Mattison said...

Hi Di, thanks for checking out our blog! Your daily journal leading up to your English teaching experience in China will be really valuable when you look back to see what your expectations were, what skills, attitudes, and knowledge you had before and after you started teaching.

Feel free to stop by our blog again and we'll do the same! -Jeff and Jenn of Teacher Reflections, Global Connections

Di Hill said...

Thanks Jeff, I have bookmarked your blog too. Will drop by.