Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I have already sent via email a copy of my CV - reorganised in the style of an International CV recommended for use for applying for positions overseas. And my letter of introduction - I sent these both to the College that is interested in having me as part of their team to teach in China. The other documents I need are 2 references, passport and digital photo of me.

Yesterday I posted a letter to one of my "old" bosses to get him to do a CV and I called in on two colleagues to ask them to do one for me as well. So, now I have one in my hot little hand. Today I will organise the digital photo. As well, Ineed to find my passport. Mmmmm.

I remember puttting it a document folder that I received for Christmas in 2006, and I have seen it recently, but somehow I cannot find it now. So I will hunt further today.

As well I have started collecting things to take as teaching tools. I found a pack of "Go Fish" at the post office. It was just under $4 so I purchased it.

Perhaps today I will get more information about the school, and the contract for China.

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