Wednesday, 30 January 2008

What!!!! That cold????

I was told it would be cold when I arrived in China, but I should have done more research. It is just 1 degree, and here we are enjoying 29 degrees or so during the day. We really don't have much winter here, and certainly not temperatures that low. Of course I don't have "snow clothes" - in fact it is pretty hard to find any around here to buy.

The advice I am getting is rather hilarious. Wear ugg boots, I'm told. What? I've been out and purchased some rather unflattering leather Colorado shoes that will at least keep my feet warm!!!!

How am I going to manage with such cold weather? I hate the cold. I'm sure the class rooms and the accomodation is heated. It probably won't be so bad.

On other matters there are some 5 or 6 other people going at the same time, perhaps on the same flight, so that might be fun.

Anyway, I'm really undeterred.

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