Friday, 18 January 2008

Will I go or won't I?

Funny, I didn't think there was any discussion. Of course I plan to go - all things being equal. My granddaughter on hearing that I might be going to China, laughed, and said "DeeDee won't be going", and her father is convinced I won't go. Mmmmmm

Someone who has completed the reference for me, is also not sure I will go. He'd rather expected that when I spoke with the other lady who had been to the same school, that I would change my mind. She said nothing to worry me.

I am having a big clean out though - stuff I should have gotten rid of before, but never had done so. I am hoping that maybe while I am away MM will put the house on the market. I don't want to live here any more. In any case I'm making it easy to move on.

Folk ask me about MM - how is he going to manage on his own. I recall when he went away - in fact on one occasion was sent to Melbourn for over 3 months, I don't recall anyone being worried about me. I also know that there have been occasions when I had been away on business for short period, he managed to get a "free meal" with friends. Something that never happened with me.

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