Saturday, 26 January 2008

Back home again.

The Zebras at the Adelaide Zoo.

Well, we had five busy days in Adelaide. Including a visit to the zoo - which of course the big and little children enjoy. I love the landscaping in the animal enclosures. It does look so peaceful and mostly the animals seem at peace with it all.

Miss A took quite a lot of photos and so did I! Although I seem to be "missing" some on my camera. I'll have to check that the camera is working well BEFORE I leave for China.

I did find the trip tiring - though looking after two very active girls would have done that to me! Apart from a couple of notable events they were well behaved. I guess they get a bit spoiled on such a trip - with great grandparents, an aunt, and second cousin all happy to indulge them.

We went for a swim - actually two swims - at Brighton beach. Where I remember swimming as a child. The waters were clear - and wonderful to swim in. Quite refreshing. I wondered why there were so few people on the beach. It was school holidays and few families there. I suppose many are at swimming pools, and as there have been a few sightings of sharks in recent times, I guess that scares the parents a bit.
Funny - we learned to look out for them when we were children!
Anyway it is back to reality. It is Australia Day today - our celebrations will be on Monday, and I've bought some fun things to wear on Monday too.
I hope to hear the details of the China trip on Tuesday - apparently the tickets were purchased yesterday but I still don't have the details of the departure date etc. And I hear they are looking for two more people to go - so if any Aussie English teacher is looking for an adventure, send me a message via comments (with email address) and I will forward information.

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