Friday, 18 January 2008

Documents sent..............

Well, it is all done. My documents for the first application to Australia City College have been collected and sent in, as requested. I continue to do research and am finding useful information in a range of places.

I keep reading my Teach International Workbook and other information that all students on the course were given, and I'm busily loading material to my laptop. I have two laptops, but will be taking the smaller/lighter one with me. I will be - when I have time - downloading activity details onto the laptop, so that I need take few things with me. I don't want to have to pay for excess luggage so I am conscious of this as I work things out.

My friends have been great with their enthusiasm for my next adventure. I've had a number of phone calls and emails, and had a chat with one who is also doing a TESOL course, and planning to go to China sometime this year too.

I have loads of things to do before I go - and I'm not unhappy that the date may be February 23rd, rather than 14th, as I was originally told.

This weekend I am travelling to Adelaide with two grandchildren, to see my parents and sister. At this stage they have no idea of my plans to go to China, and I can imagine my parents will not be happy about it.

I must say, that it has been a concern of mine in that they are obviously elderly, Mum is 92, and Dad is nearly 89, so one doesn't know when they will need me, but I will assure them that I will return to Australia if and when I am needed. I have always said that I would look after them at home if that needed to happen too. I know that means going/moving to Adelaide, but that's what I would want to do for them.

The grandchildren are excited about the Adelaide trip, and I think this morning they would announce to their parents "two more sleeps" which is ofcourse the way they count down to any major event that they are looking forward to.

I am still waiting the formal "offer" that is being mentioned, but meanwhile life goes on.

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