Tuesday, 29 January 2008

More information...................

I have a departure date - seems I'm going on the 21st of February and at this stage booked on Singapore Airlines to head off on this amazing adventure.

I've got just over 3 weeks to get ready, finish off things at home, and be packed and ready to go. I have been accepted officially at the school in China (though I've seen no paperwork at this point), and I'm busily reading all I can about this region of China.

On Saturday I will be lunching with friends (at a Chinese restaurant) to say farewell - and it also doubles as our belated Christmas get together.

Today I saw my grandchildren ready for school - the two girls that I took to Adelaide. One is in grade 3 this year, and the other started Prep today. It is quite amazing to see them in school uniform! So grown up. I will miss them of course, but will send emails to them and photos.

I am glad I discovered SnapFish for my photos - as I will download them and have the prints sent to my address in Brisbane - so the folks can look at them, and save them for when I return.

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