Saturday, 25 July 2009

Great new tool!

While in Adelaide on Wednesday night I picked up a brochure about the latest popular books - I was just interested to see what is regarded as the good books to read right now.

Only today did I discover a great advertisement on the back cover - for something I have been looking for! When I travel to China or Korea, I always have a luggage problem. If I didn't want to take books, and other teaching resources with me it would be easier, but I always struggle to keep within the luggage limits.

In Australia we have a limit of 20 kgs - not a lot really, and when you stay for long periods and have to take winter and summer clothes, it is a challenge. Buy things there? Mmmm. Please tell me where......... you see I am tall, and much bigger bodied than Chinese or Korean women so buying in a shop is not an option for me. And I can't buy shoes - my feet are too long!

So the weight of my luggage is a big issue. Last time I tried to find scales - even to going to BCF to look for fishing scales, but they were too big and expensive.

Imagine my delight to read on the back of the brochure from Adelaide airport that they have a tiny digital luggage scale - which looks so simple and easy to use.

I must have one.

So I've got my scouts checking out today - not that I need it urgently but when I get it I can tick it off my list.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You obviously have your shoe problems. Get some shoes posted to you when you go?



Di Hill said...

Oh, I manage well, but I certainly cannot buy them in China or Korea to fit my feet - they are not that BIG, just the locals are much smaller.