Saturday, 11 July 2009

My Shaoxing Hat

When I was in Shaoxing (China) I bought several of these hats. The story is that they are worn by the boatmen who ply their trade in Shaoxing boats around the many waterways of Shaoxing.

They are always black, made of double felt, and of course work wonders in keeping the head warm in the very cold winters of that part of China.

Generally the folk that wear them are "old men" so I was told, and not only the boatmen but the tricycle (modern rickshaw) men wear them too.

They are sold during winter in the tourist spots around Shoaxing, and I took a fancy to them. I bought some for some of the men folk of the family, and one for me. I'd never worn it until yesterday.

I've got to say, on me it is a great fashion statement! I wore it almost all day as I had a couple of appointments. Everywhere I went people asked me about it. Even the ENT specialist I went to see asked if he could hold it and feel what it was like. He too had been to China and we chatted about our experiences there for a bit.

Last night I went to a "soiree" at the office of an Australian Senator (politician) and as I knew from previous years, that it was to be outdoors and it was very cold, I chose to wear my Shaoxing hat.

Again, it was a talking point, and so many people commented on how it suited me - looked great. Even I felt gret in it.

So I think I'll wear it a little more. I'm off to Adelaide next week, and I do have one for my father for his 90th Birthday, but I will wear mine too.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Starting a new Aussie trend - the "Di look"?


Di Hill said...

Oh, I love being a trendsetter.....