Saturday, 4 July 2009

I miss the grandchildren.

I guess the people I miss most when I travel are the grand children, and when I return it is good to see them again and catch up with them. My, how they grow!!!

We have four now - the eldest is turning 9 on Monday and she is celebrating with some friends from school (it is school holidays) with an Asian themed party. Now the children do have quite a few souvenirs from my travels and I am reminded frequently that I had stated that I would like to take the two older ones to China. I mean it. I'd love to - subject to my bank balance being filled from an unknown source by thousands of dollars. I mean, it would cost me up to $4000 per person, and the two girls want to go, and of course their mother, so I'm up for $16,000 - before the menfolk put their bids in. And the other family - the other two grandchildren will want to go too, so I'm up for big bucks which I just don't have.

Meanwhile we will just have to play at Asian things. Mind you, the order for the birthday cake to be in the shape of a red Chinese dragon, will be a challenge for mother. The guests will get Asian gifts and some food will be Asian inspired, but we are not sure of the inspiration for the requested purple plates, serviettes and so forth, though I will produce some of my purple Chinese souvenirs to convince some people that purple is still popular in China.

I did have tickets in the $90,000,000 Ozlotto draw and was pretty confident, but something went wrong and I didn't get a cent. Still, you've got to be in it to win it they say. And since I only spent $5 on tickets, it was worth the gamble.

Today I attended an Eisteddfod where granddaughter number two performed in her very first competition. Boy, I was proud. I thought she was the best and she probably would have won a high prize but near the end her nerves got the better of her and she missed a few steps. Still, she got a Highly Commended and we were are all proud of her. She has also announced that she was proud of herself, so we have higher hopes for the next three attempts at competition coming up over the next few months.

Still, these are the things that grandmothers should attend. I've missed some great events, and I hope not to miss too many,but with 4 grandchildren there are many events on offer and still I would not be able to attend all - even if I was in the country all the time.

Meanwhile, I'm writing some course material for a TESOL course. I'm kept busy. Dreaming. Writing. Keeping up with the family.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

We always miss our grandchildren, we have a dozen.

School holidays have started here too, Di. Two of our GD's are with their other grandmother in their fishshop, "The Orange Ruffy".

Enjoy your time with yours.