Friday, 3 July 2009

My Purple Passion

In recent years I have developed a passion for the colour purple. I think it crept up on my because eventually I found I had an extra ordinary collection of purple things.

Dresses, t-shirts, scarves (a looong story there), bags, shoes, pictures, picture frames - and could I go on. Recently I bought a huge purple fluffy blanket for my bed. I like white too - so purple and white things adorn my room.

Today I added to the collection. Now, just in case MM would look in horror at another purple invader of our house, I announced that it was my gift for a donation to the Leukemia Foundation. It is true. Actually I bought it knowing that some of the funds would go to the Leukemia Foundation - as part of their Lavender promotion which is held each year.

I think this cute little bear is going to live on my bed for a while.

Meanwhile if any reader would like to add some dollars to the Leukemia Fund - look around for displays of their Lavender products.

For more information click here.


Norm said...

Hi Di and welcome back to Brisbane -even if it is Wintertime! It is lovely. Mike is still suffering in China, eh? Poor soul.
I had a similar experience to you trying to get a haircut in China-It left me quite bewildered by the massage bit and looking like Bob Hawke.


Di Hill said...

Having a haircut in China is scary. Especially when they clean your ears and turn your hair green. Could be worse. Cheers,

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You had a purple obsession and you didn't know it! How's Brisbane? Has been wet and cold in Wellington.



Di Hill said...

I didn't realise how strong my purple passion was. I don't wear purple exclusively and do enjoy other colours, but the wardrobe and cupboards are quickly filling up with purple. My students in Korea bought me some beautiful bath products - called Purple Passion.

deedub said...

It sounds very likely that you would enjoy teaming up with the Red Hat Society in Brisbane. If you haven't heard of them before, it is for women who want to gow old disgracefully, by breaking rules such as red and purple should never be worn together. See
- David

Di Hill said...

Hi David

Actually one of the other teachers in China was a member of the Red Hat Club in Oz, and I had known about it for some years. Actually I am trying to avoid "belonging" to anything at the moment. Just want to run away and write, write, write.