Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I've rejoined 5W!

I think some readers will have no idea what that is, so I will explain. In 2005 when I was headed to Ireland on my own, I found out through reading a travelling magazine about an international organisation based in the UK, but with members from all over the world that connect for cultural exchange.

5W? Women Welcome Women World Wide - there are the 5 W's, and with thousands of members all around the world it is especially good for creating friendships across countries, across borders, and so forth.

When I went to Ireland I did stay with a member near Waterford, and I note that she is still a member.

Today I made contact with a member in Adelaide, and I may well meet with her when I go to Adelaide next week. Not that I am short of things to do in Adelaide, but I'm always happy to meet new people.

So if there is any reader who is interested - you might visit the website. You can join on line - there is a membership donation of 35 pounds.

Women Welcome Women World Wide


peter said...

Womens World Wide Web? LOL

Di Hill said...

That's it! Though much of the information is not on the web. All members get a printed list of all other members in the world, and enough details to know if they have similar interests to your own. It is about cultural exchange - though it is possible to get to stay with them too.