Monday, 27 July 2009

Wee or Wii?

It all started last year when my son bought a Wii (pronounced 'wee') for his family. Because of my travelling I didn't really see it until quite a few weeks ago, when 5 year old grandson beat me at every virtual game we played.

I'd been a good tennis player in my day, and have good ball skills, but this 5 year old beat me at every game. And later at Trivial Pursuit, though I confess to playing a bit dumb with that. I COULD have won, but I let him. (For the last time! I'm fighting back!!!)

So for my birthday I requested my very own Wii. Not just to practice to overpower this little grandson, but I was impressed with the exercise regime the Wii offered, especially the Wii Fit program. I could do with an increase in physical activity!

When the box arrived and I looked inside - I knew I needed technical support. I MAY have been able to sort out the myriad of bits and bobs, but when you have a talented son-in-law who is always keen to play with technology, I called him. After all, with all the babysitting I am ahead quite a few brownie points.

So he came - fortunately with Misses 5 and 9 year old. They were clearly more experienced at Wii than he was. They don't have one at their place, but the girls had played often with their 5 year old cousin.

I watched in awe as the girls assisted their father (who at one stage had to phone HIS brother to get advice on one aspect of the connection), but soon it was in full working order.

The girls set up me Mii (my virtual persona), and we played ten pin bowling. As it was my gift I was not so graciously permitted to have the first "go". I was in awe at the talent of the girls, but pleased to advise that in the end I was the winner (albeit by a small margin), of the first game.

Then tennis. Not such a good result here. I will have to practice more.

I will have to spend more time with my Wii - and get my skills up to speed so that I can at least keep my head up high when I play with young Mr 5 year old.

I do wish the makers of this amazing technology had chosen a different name. A lady of my tender years discussing one's "Wii" does give my friends an initial scare, as they have no idea what I am talking about, and at first think I am inappropriately discussing bodily functions. I guess I will have to have a few "Wii Parties" with my friends to introduce them to this technology.

In any case, there are several benefits for me with this new technology.

* It allows me to discuss modern technology with those who are most impressed (my grandchildren)
* It will give me the opportunity of exercising in another way, rain, hail or shine.
* I will be able to practice tennis and perhaps win one or two points to minimize the embarrassment when I play the 5 year old!
* The girls are keen to visit me more often because they do not have a Wii.
* I can have wine, Wii, and cheese parties in my loungeroom! Wheeeeee!!!!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

To wii or not to wee, that is the question?