Saturday, 18 July 2009

My Dad and his hat.

I gave my Dad one of the Shaoxing hats, and he looks good in it - but he's not a "hat man" and though he is impressed with the look, I'm not sure where or when, or IF he will wear it.

At 90 he still plays bowls, and they guys there know he has a wild sense of humour, so I suspect he will one day be "brave" enough and wear his new hat.

It is bitterly cold in Adelaide at the moment and the houses I spend time in are not well heated. They have heaters but one has to almost stand on the heater to get warm. (No wonder I moved to Brisbane and stayed there!!!)

I've spoken to the folks (my parents in particular) about split systems but they are resisting. It is not lack of funds, but they don't think they will get value for their investment! Mum intends to be around for another few years - she reckons that 95 would be a good age to reach.

I find their house SO COLD I'd put in a split system even if I only had a few months to go. The folks often complain of the cold, and in the summer, they complain about the heat. Go figure why they won't solve the problem!!!

Dad's a pretty progressive guy - he has a digital movie camera and a cell phone - but I can't get him to consider the better heater.

I am here in Adelaide to be with the family for Dad's 90th birthday. He didn't want a great event - he'd rather have little attention, and no gifts. But we are having a family luncheon tomorrow - that's all. For me it will be great to have my parents, sister, her two children (28 and 30 years old!!!), and my neice's fiance, and my sister's partner all at one event, and yes, it will be in a cold house, but I think we will warm ourselves up with laughing, eating and drinking.

I've spent quite a lot of time with my folks, but a quiet day on my own today. Did a little shopping, and will do some cooking.

Just a nice quiet "me" day, as my sister is out.

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