Sunday, 26 July 2009

Summer holidays = more emails.

About which I am delighted I might say! The students with no worries about study have been sending me emails. I love to keep in touch with them - and give the occasional English lesson as well, correcting their minor errors.

You know the good students - the ones that are keen to keep trying their English - and don't mind sending messages and getting the occasional advice on their grammar or spelling.

One delightful lady has been able to gain a place in a higher education facility - she was only doing Diploma but now will start a university in Hangzhou where she can get a Bachelors degree. I so love to hear those stories. It is very competitive and I remember getting a Skype message from this young lady who was so worried that she had not passed the examination.

She was quite desperate - and I had to convince her that "she had done her best" and that there was little to do but feel positive and await the outcome. Of course all her worry was for nought, as she did manage to upgrade her skills.

She sent me photos of her classmates - all young people who attended my classes - so it was good to see them. My, how some of them have changed - hardly "grown up" as they were in their twenties when I knew them, but they do change hairstyles, some feaures etc.

So wonderful to be able to keep in touch.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Ever the teacher? It must make you feel good, Di.