Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Busy City

The city of Shaoxing is a very busy city - with more than 4 million people. Downtown is always busy with cars, trucks, bicyles, scooters, tricycles and pedestrians all mixed in together.

I am sure there are road rules, but it is hard to tell if anyone knows them or takes them seriously. It is not uncommon to find a car driving on the wrong side of the road. (I must check and see if there is any licence requirements!)

When we cross a busy road we walk right out into the traffic and just hope everything goes around us. It is quite daunting!

In front of the shops and buildings are rows of bicycles and scooters, and some people take their scooters, bikes, right inside the office or shop!

At the college students go back and forth on bikes, or scooters - back and forth all the time.

I asked the students (and they are about 22 yrs old) if they drive a car. No, no. Only rich people have cars. Some of their parents do - but not young people here.

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